Life In Ancient Rome Was No Picnic (12 pics)

Ancient Rome

When we think of Ancient Rome, we often imagine the glorious hustle and bustle of people set to a gorgeous backdrop of Roman architecture. While Ancient Rome was indeed a beautiful place, there was a ton of nasty shit going on.

They washed their mouths out with piss

Piss was somewhat of a hot commodity in Ancient Rome. In fact, people made careers out of collecting piss! Some people collected it from public urinals, others would literally go door-to-door asking people to fill up a cup. But… why?

Piss was used for several things back in those days. It was used to wash clothes. People literally drenched their clothes in piss, and stomped on it with the hopes of having fresh clean clothes by the time they were done. Another way in which urine was used was as… wait for it… mouthwash. People used to rinse their teeth in piss to freshen their breath and whiten their teeth.

Goat dung was used quite a bit as well

Whats some piss without a little bit of shit?

Since Band-aids weren’t a thing back then, the Romans would use goat dung to patch up their wounds. Apparently, the best goat dung was collected in the spring and then dried. However, fresh goat dung was good in a pinch.

The Romans performed the first documenting mooning

During Passover, soldiers of the Roman Army were sent to stand outside of Jerusalem to ensure that nobody tried to revolt against the empire. This is where the first documentation of mooning occurred. A Jewish priest, Flavius Josephus, recorded that a Roman soldier had lifted “up the back of his garments, turned his face away, and with his bottom to them, crouched in a shameless way and released at them a foul-smelling sound where they were offering sacrifice.”

That didn’t sit well with the Jews. They started throwing rocks at the Romans, which eventually broke out into a full on riot.